At the NW corner of Crystal Mall, outside facing Willington, is a small restaurant called Hang Zhou (Mandarin pronunciation, or Han Ju according to the menu). This place is usually packed with Chinese families dropping by for a bite after shopping in the mall. It is best to arrive early to avoid waiting in line, which happens often.

Here we observe their best known dish, the Kimchi Seafood Hot Pot. The soup is stuffed with shrimp, mussels, squid, marinating in a Kimchi laden soup. Every sip is a bouquet of flavor that’ll excite your taste buds, taking you on a magical journey into the heart of fine Korean cuisine.
You’ll find clear bean noodles at the bottom of your pot, and a bowl of rice as side.

For $6, this is a satisfying meal and is thoroughly enjoyable. You’ll find quality workmanship, economical pricing, and will likely buy from again. Much like Korean electronics.

8 out of 10

A shot of their sensibly priced menu

And another of their Korean BBQ dish

Thanks Kimmy & Theresa for the camera work!

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