Every week we visit the same couple places and order the same thing. Too often we hear the age old question “Should I get #22 or #23 today?”.
Here’s a list of possible restaurants we can eat at or should eat at in the future.

Ali Shan (Taiwanese, Crystal Mall)
Congee Noodle King (HK, Kingsway & Joyce)
Honalulu (HK, Kingsway & Joyce)
Pittsburg (HK, Crystal Mall)
Han Zhou (Korean, Crystal Mall)
Da Rae Ok (Korean, Kingsway)
Saffron (Indian Buffet, Kingsway)
Earls (Western, Kingsway)
That Taiwanese place on Willington and Moscrop
Curry King (Asian/HK, Kingsway)
54th Street Cafe (HK, Champlain Mall)