Its hard not to want to feel sick from the caf food. You’re either disgusted by the food, or by the portion/price ratio. Here is one fine example.

Ingredients – small gimped chicken thigh, boiled carrots, single scoop of mashed potatoes, dill + free ketchup…..$6 friggin big ones!
I had major snack attack after this…..

Dinner at House of Tofu Soup (not a great name that’ll get people rushing in the door IMO. You need words like “spice”, “kimchi”, “palace” to get noticed). This is located near Lougheed on north road.

The soup was literally bubbling when it was brought to our table. Guess this is what sets them apart.

Kimchi Soup

All in all, not a bad meal, but definitely not the best Korean I’ve had.

So what do you do when the day went by without excitement and you want to give your taste buds a kick in the nuts?

Mautai and hot wings ofcourse!

This stuff has rocked the Asian continent for decades. 53% alcohol, 106 proof, its liquid communism in your mouth baby, aww yea foo

A little about Mautai 茅台 here.