You can only have so much sushi before feeling sick of it. After a while you find yourself dipping deeper into that soy sauce dish and complementing the wasabi instead of the sushi itself.

Toyotomi on Hastings and Gilmore is a refreshing take on sushi with added Vancouver flair. Their sushi menu is filled with items like “Canucks Roll”, “Hastings Roll”, “Stanley Park Roll”, and other Vancouver related names.

The food presentation is top notch. Dishes are sprinkled with salmon roe, streaks of mayonnaise, green onions, and a bit of teriyaki sauce, giving the dish a new dimension in taste and visual appeal. “wow” is what most people say when the first plate arrives at their table.

A shot of their Spider Roll (Soft crab)

Rolls are a generous size, and a plate of 8 costs around $9. Daily specials are half size, but are a bargain at under $3. The value is second to none for sushi. The location and atmosphere certainly isn’t the best when compared to Izakayas on Robson or Yaletown, but these dishes feel like they came from higher up on the restaurant food chain.


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