Located in Burnaby at the intersection of Moscrop ave and Willington St, #1 Beef Noodle House is like the shy studious sister of Pearl Castle in Richmond. You won’t find packs of Chinese youngsters pulling up in AMG Mercedes or M3’s. Instead you’ll be seated among a older more demure crowd, served by casually dressed waitresses (also less air-headed).

There is full menu of entres here, including a large selection of noodles and rice based dishes, which makes it great for a casual lunch or dinner. The cuisine is typical Taiwanese restaurant style, with a few specialties.

Specials are posted in chalk on their blackboard, and here we see their mini spicy beef hotpot. The taste is similar to mapo tofu (spicy tofu), and is better than decent at $6.

They also have a variety of smaller dishes, which are of decent quality and great to share over bubble tea.

Steamed buns 小籠包

Beef rolled in green onion crepes

Wouldn’t mind coming back here since the caf still sucks.
7.5 out of 10


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