What better way to wash down an MSG-soaked lunch than to ditch work early and go for a TGIF cup of coffee.

We checked out the JJBean on 3010 Main Street.


A sunny Vancouver afternoon in a bustling and lively coffee shop. Nice. I’m not sure what the opposite of an office cubicle is, but this is probably close.


Judging by the crowds, I’m sure JJBean brews a great cup of coffee. And I’m admittedly not a coffee-lover. So please take with a grain of salt when I say my order was one of the worst blended coffees I’ve ever had.

JJ Bean

What’s in it?

That’s what the hipster barista asked when I ordered the drink and what I’m wondering now. I probably should’ve changed my order when the barista said, “I’ve never made one of those before“.

It tasted pretty good, if not a bit strong.
Fast-forward a couple hours: my head was spinning with dizziness and I was on the brink of throwing up.

Way to make me feel guilty for ditching work early JJBean!

=( out of 10