If you were a laser, you’d be set to “stunning”.
Pretty cheesy pickup line.

You know what else is cheesy?
Pittsburg‘s Garlic-Flavoured Chicken Baked Spaghetti (aka the #22).


Check out that artery-clogging sauce action. Can you believe that qualifies for “Chinese food“? Such is the case in Hong Kong style cafes (aka cha chaan tangs) like Pittsburg.

Cha chaan tang dishes are Chinese interpretations on non-Chinese classics like Fettuccine Alfredo, French Toast, and even Fried Chicken. Often, you can’t help but feel that something was lost in translation (for example, real French Toast isn’t filled with condensed milk and peanut butter!). But that’s what gives cha chaan tangs their quirkiness and charm. It’s comfort-food on steroids.

And it really is all about the food at cha chaan tangs. Don’t be surprised if the environment is chaotically loud, if the waitresses are snappy (as our’s was when we complained that our drinks were not what we had ordered), and if the bill comes before you even ask for it.


Look how fast our waitress is moving! It’s all about quick, affordable, and tasty food at places like Pittsburg. So if you want to impress a date with a classy meal, stay far away from cha chaan tangs (and bad pickup lines).