Bubble World

Big Head Boy Bubble World, (or the literal translation from Chinese, “Big Headed Boy”) was one of the first few bubble tea spots available to Vancouverites in the late 90’s. Since then its grown bigger, priced higher, expanded to multiple locations, and has better looking waitresses working for them.
A bad case of the Mondays brought the thecafsux gang to the Kingsway location.

MenuThe menu, like #1 Beef Noodle House, has more to offer in terms of a lunch menu. (hm…we need a Beef Noodle competition soon), plus a list of specials. I ordered their Satay Beef, along with a Green Onion Pancake Beef Roll.
Like ketchup, satay goes well with almost anything. But at $5 for a 200ml bottle this stuff, its one of the more expensive condiments available at the local asian food market.

Satay Beef

Beef RollsI’m pleased to say, this is one of the better lunches I’ve had thus far at a Taiwanese restaurant. The unseen chef has done a great job.

A+. Would eat at again.

8.5 out of 10

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