What is a muskox? This apparently.

If you like to learn about how an xyz would taste in a burger, where xyz is not beef, well you’re in luck! Stormin Norman’s on Commercial has the biggest selection of meats I’ve ever seen or heard of, and what’s more, its all organic! (as opposed to what, cloned? who’d own a wild boar farm anyway)
Stormin Norman’s is located about a block north of East 1st on Commercial Dr. Commercial in itself is a lively street, lined with coffee shops, grills, and pubs.

Stomin' Norman's - Exterior

Stomin' Norman's - MenuTheir menu is filled with…meats…lots of them. This restaruant also has a connection with wreck beach (nude beach at UBC) as hinted by their byline and website that I don’t particularly care to know about.

Stomin' Norman's - Interior
Action shot of the chef

Stomin' Norman's - Caribou Burger
My Cariboo burger. Tastes a bit like lamb. Wish it were beef.

It’s not everyday that thecafsux visits a random burger joint, and though I don’t regret this experience, I think next time I will stick with good ol’cow meat… once you go beef you don’t go back.

4 out of 10

(3 out of 10 after finding out the owner’s a nudist. I’ve had enough curly hairs in my food to know that its not good practice)