Label reads: “The best thing you put in your
mouth since your girlfriend left you.”
But I’m no Japanese expert

I know one pic does not a post make, but this one is special, dear to my heart even. This bottle of mystery liquid came all the way from Tokyo, Japan….off the shelf of a AM/PM convenience store (Konbini).
A friend sent it to me as a souvenir of his recent trip overseas.
A few years ago, the same friend traveled with me to Tokyo after university graduation. It was an awsome trip, and what was the only thing I brought home from this magical land 1000’s of miles away for me to forever remember it by? ….Salad dressing. A bottle similar to the one pictured here.
Yes, it IS that good. I can’t read all the ingredients in Japanese, but it tastes like a mixture of mayo, sesame, onions, maybe miso or soy, and rice vinegar. Like a good woman that brings out the best in a man, this sauce makes rice dishes and vegies taste glorious.
I am from the school of “stock your cupboards with condiments, and ye shall prosper”, and oh baby this sauce has made me the richest and happiest man in the world.

11 out of 10