Have you ever had one of those days where you just never seem to fully wake up? I was experiencing one of those on this grey Thursday morning. Luckily, a walk to nearby Da Rae Oak Restaurant (located at 3510 Kingsway) for a Korean lunch spiced up my day.

Da Rae Oak

Da Rae Oak’s interior is really bland and didn’t warrant a picture, but the food here is consistently good and well-priced, especially compared to other Korean restaurants in Vancouver.

Da Rae Oak - Starters

One thing I love about Korean restaurants are the complementary appetizer-like dishes they serve up. These dishes are called Banchan (the most common type of Banchan is Kimchi of course). The waitress brought them out quickly so that we could snack on them before the main dishes arrived.

Da Rae Oak - Seafood Pancake

The first dish we ordered was a Seafood Pancake ($13.90). IHOP‘s got nothing on this. This gigantic pancake consists of various types of seafood, scallions, batter, and crispy potatoes. It’s very delicious and filling.

Da Rae Oak - Bulgogi

We also ordered beef short-ribs bulgogi, served with a bowl of rice ($12.90). Koreans really know how to marinate! The meat was sweet, tender, and tasty. It complemented the salty seafood pancake nicely.If you want the full Korean experience, Da Rae Oak might not be the best place to visit: the chopsticks here aren’t even made of metal. But if you just want some great, affordable Korean food, I would highly recommend it.

8.5 out of 10

Full from the tasty Korean lunch, I was ready to go back to slacking for the rest of the afternoon.

Da Rae Oak Korean on Urbanspoon