I don’t know much about fine dining. I know fast food, cheap eats, good place to get a drink, “looks good”, “seems interesting”, “we can try that” kind of places, but none of those include fine dining. To celebrate a friend’s graduation, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and see what we’ve been missing. We went up to Horizons on Burnaby Mountain, minutes away from SFU.

Jumping into the meat(pun intended) of things…here are the photos:

The bread basket (last chance to get full)

Appetizer – Mussels and Clams in a Thai sauce. I love mussels, and order it almost everywhere I go for a starter dish. This one had nothing special going for it except that its one of the more ‘fusion’ type of dish on their menu. Though the sauce went well as dip for bread.

My entree was the 10oz New York Steak with Yukon potatoes. A good piece of meat that would’ve gone mighty well with a full bodied red wine. You can see that the grill lines cross at perfect 90 degree angles….I admire their l33t grilling skillz.

My girlfriend had the Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and random boiled greens laced with oil. I like saying the word “Mignon”. Makes me feel like I’m swimming in culture. But tenderloin is tenderloin, and the Keg actually makes a better version wrapped in bacon and better side dishes for the same price.

Interesting fact – tenderloin is tender because it is not weight bearing muscle….much like the body of a software developer.

The meal ended with a coconut pudding type desert, surrounded by passion fruit jelly and strawberry jam. A nice and light finish to a bloody meat dinner.

They had a special on the 3 course meal of appetizer + entree + dessert for $42, which is about $5 off the normal menu price. If we had drinks it would’ve easily been a $100 dinner for two for food that was mediocre. Nevertheless, I think the location is perfect however, for a few drinks with friends and sharing an appetizer or two in high style.

In the end we were left unsatisfied with the food and the fact that they lost our reservation and put us at a table beside the bar, but we had fun sharing a few laughs and realizing we weren’t missing out after all.

View – 10 out of 10
Food – 6 out of 10
Value – 3 out of 10


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