Richmond Sushi’s been around for ages. I remember coming here back in high school for one of my first all I could eat experiences. Back then for AYCE, there was “Little Tokyo”, and this. In so far as I can remember anyway.

Modest interior. Confused looking woman included.

Now here’s a place that does a few things differently.

  • A choice of 3 different all you can eat menus. Each with their own selection of dishes, and price points.
    The most affordable being $18.95, which contains a very plain assortment of dishes you find at any AYCE place, with about 50 different choices.
    The Delux edition is $21.95, which DOUBLES the number of menu choices, but still nothing special on the menu.
    The Super Delux option is a whopping $28.95, with 50 sushi/sashimi items, some of which you don’t normally find on a regular AYCE menu elsewhere. Yet still, I don’t trust these types of restaurants to ever make quality stuff. Most people would probably pick the Delux option with its large selection, and at only $3 more than the most basic menu.Pics of the menus for comparison:

    Oh btw, a dish of lemon is $0.25 and Ginger is $0.50. (they only give you free wasabi…and bad wasabi at that)

  • The waiters use PDAs to take your order. If you take a while to order, you might even get your order brought to your table before the waiter leaves.
  • The small portions leave less room for waste. Everything on the menu, when you order, is by the piece. When you order 2 fried scallops, you only get 2, not 2 orders of 3 pieces or what not. I can see this helping them cut down on waste, but would require a different approach to food preparation in the kitchen to achieve. Possibly pre-making all of their menu items and leaving them out all day…hm….

A shot of the small dishes brought to our table:

Cones and sushi (overstuffed with avocado)

The food came fairly fast, with the place being full and crowds lining up at the door. My favorite remains the Seafood Motoyaki. Its just tuna baked in Mayo, but it satisfies like fried chicken and beer.

How come AYCD (All you can drink) never caught on in Canada?

All you can eat restaurants, when they were first introduced, come off as “Hey look at us, we’re gonna let you eat all you want for a fixed price. How can you lose? We’re gluttons for punishment, suckers really. Come and take advantage of us!”. But obviously it is a highly profitable business, or we would not see so many of them around. You can find one AYCE type of joint at almost every one of the 50 or so shopping plazas in Richmond. Its like taking candy from a baby when you open one of these in Richmond where 99% of the populace is underweight Asians who never super size their combos. Unless you’re her.

Serving another country’s food badly in bulk is not a respectable thing to do, and make it seem like a good idea for the Japanese to protect their food as much as they protect their nationality.

But who am I to judge…I only had the basic menu.

Food: 3/10
Value: 5/10
Rant to Review ratio in this post: 8/10
Likelihood of return: 1/10

P.S. They add $1 to all menu prices on Fridays and weekends.


Now its time for the first edition of
The.Caf.Sux TRIVIA
(because we read wikipedia so much):
Wasabi at restaruants, especially at AYCE, is but an imitation, a mixture of horseradish and mustard with food coloring. The real deal is $125 a pound, and a highly flavourful spice. Chefs put it between the fish and rice in Sushi to protect its flavour from evaporating. It also has bacterial growth inhibiting properties, part of the reason why its commonly served with seafood.

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