7-11 teams up with 20th Century Fox to create one of the smartest movie marketing ploys ever.
One local 7-11 on Guilford and Landsdowne in Coquitlam was transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart straight out of the Simpsons cartoon. Though I can’t imagine it costing them too much other than signage (they’ve already got the friendly cashiers and squishee machines).

The place was filled with consumers pouring slurpee into squishee branded cups and waiting behind a 20 person lineup.
The parking lot was packed, with cars circling the lot for space, and a couple of street bikes hanging about (what a shame, can’t carry a big gulp on a bike).
The manager looked really agitated by all the traffic in the store, and had the security guard close off the door from letting any more people in. With only a few staff to look after the merchandise while rushing to ring in the sales, shoplifting likely goes unnoticed.

Here’s a video of the buzzing place. I think someone called me a loser as I was taking the video. But I thought I told my girlfriend to stop calling me that in public.

And another one caught of the security guard keeping the wolves at bay. (Like the lady in the video says, he just let in a kid in a wheelchair, but is trying to keep the kid’s family out)

Trivia: Apu’s last name is Nahasapeemapetilon