Dim Sum in Vancouver is about as blatantly available as AYCE sushi. While the lowest denominator for AYCE can give people plenty of cause for agitation, dim sum places usually know their self worth, and price accordingly.
At the low end you can find sub $2 per item hole in the wall joints where you get a dishes that barely do justice to their name; shrimp dumplings smaller than a wonton, over steamed rice noodles with less than a dusting of meat and green onions, deep fried miscellany, teapots with cracked spouts…all things that make you wonder if you really should have left your house for.
I don’t know what’s at the upper end, and its probably a price I can’t afford, but this weekend we headed over to Kingford Seafood Restaurant on No.3 road, where you can feed your crack ha gau 虾饺(If that looks funny its cause its Chinese…simplified Chinese…for efficiency you know.) habit for $4 a dish. These plump fatties were very much worth their price tag:
Ha Gau Shrimp Dumplings Kingford Seafood
Its sister dish, the Scallop dumpling, is just about the same thing, but includes a slice of scallop. Though very similar to the Shrimp dumplings, I find it easier to tell if a restaurant uses fresh ingredients from the scallop than the shrimp. This one passes with flying colors.
Scallop Dumplings Kingford Seafood
I usually like to order a couple of my regular dishes at Dim Sum, and my girlfriend has her own set of favorites, so we end up settling on a slightly different ensemble each time.
The Chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle had the perfect blend of mush and chew. We were supplied with a few dipping sauces that went great with this:
Kingford Seafood
My all time favorite dish, the one I use as the ruler for measuring quality of Dim Sum – Chicken Feet. Here the fowl claws (hehe) are doused with a slightly spicy black bean sauce, and cooked perfectly so the skin falls off the bones with ease. Perfect.
Kingford Seafood
A dish quickly becoming one of my favourites – Shrimp battered eggplant (I made that name up) . Generously proportioned, and delicious to boot.
Kingford Seafood
Turnip cake. I’ve had some damn fine home made turnip cake before, and this comes very close. None of that mashed potato stuff you might lurking elsewhere.
Kingford Seafood
Wrapped bamboo shoot rolls with crab meat shavings (I made that name up too). Its nice that we get to see some real crab meat on a dish from time to time.
Kingford Seafood
Kingford Seafood

I haven’t had the urge to rant all post long! and for good reason. At a price of about $35 for 2 people(we took some food to go, so ideally 5 dishes would’ve been enough), this lunch was a fantastic dining experience.

Food: 8/10
Value: 8.5/10
Service: Existent. (Really.)
If this blog had a “this cafeteria doesn’t suck” award, I’d award it to this place.

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