Arms Reach Bistro

Arms Reach BistroSummer can’t come soon enough.  I drove up to Deep Cove on the easternmost tip of North Vancouver but, as you can see above, the weather wasn’t very good.  My first shot at kayaking will have to wait for a warmer, sunnier day.  Thankfully, the short trip was not entirely pointless as I had a nice lunch at Arms Reach Bistro, a charming little restaurant located a stone’s throw away from Deep Cove’s shore.

Inside, the restaurant is refined yet cozy. Despite the poor weather, the restaurant was packed for lunch. Wooden classroom school desks await patrons waiting for a table: cute.

Arms Reach BistroMy girlfriend and I shared 2 dishes: fresh fried calamari served with spicy marinara ($8) and oven-baked spaghetti ($12). Both were presented clean and simple. Both tasted great: fresh, delicate, and tasty. I especially enjoyed the melted handmade bocconcini atop our spaghetti.

The prices are very reasonable and the service was super friendly.

Arms Reach Bistro

The tasty food complements the great view, and the two combine to create an incredibly relaxed dining experience.

Arms Reach Bistro

I can’t wait to return and sample other dishes on their menu.
Assuming I don’t drown, the food is going to taste even better after a sunny day of kayaking.

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