dinesty richmondDinesty. A name so corny I had a hard time coming up with a serious title. A few came to mind however.

“Dinesty – Cash only, just like the ancient days”
“Dinesty – Eat like a poor king”
“Dinesty – Great view of the parking lot”

The honest truth though, is that this place serves up a good menu of Shanghai and Taiwanese dishes similar to those served at Vogue or New Age Chinese Cuisine

dinesty richmondLocated on No.3 Road near Chapters, Dinesty surprisingly doesn’t have the lineups the other restaurants have on a Friday night. The interior feels amazingly spacious due to two sides of the wall being full length windows, and a large open kitchen, a feature I love since it ostensibly enhances the dining experience by involving you in the preparation process.

Menu items are competitively priced. Their specialty seems to be steamed buns. Its like the bubba gump shrimp of steamed buns. Pork buns, chive buns, juicy buns, beef buns, fried buns, buns on a stick, buns of steel, etc.

True to their reputation, the buns are pretty good.
Dinesty - Fried buns

Other dishes, I’m going to skip the literal translations. The words bun, spicy, sour, roast beef crepe roll, sweet and sour spare rib can be applied where you see fit. Let your eyes guide you.

Dinesty - Shanghai Steamed Buns Dinesty - Sweet Sour soup

Dinesty - Roast Beef rolls Dinesty - Spare Ribs

With 5 dishes and one soup coming to ~$52 with tips, I’d try it again just to sit closer to the kitchen.

Food: 8/10

Feeling good about eating food in a restaurant because you can see the dishes being prepared: ~$52 for 5 dishes and a soup with tips. (I kid, but I do like the layout)


Now how can I end this post without some Eat, Snap, Repeat trivia? I can’t.

The last dynasty of China was the Qing dynasty, running from 1644 – 1912. One of the best movies of all time from director Bernardo Bertelluci, The Last Emperor, poinantly illustrated the life of Puyi, the last emperor of China, and was awarded Oscars award for almost every category including best music score, which was composed by the dynamic and talented Ryuichi Sakamoto, a one time member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, who recently starred in a mesmerizing Kirin beer commercial featuring their techno pop song Rydeen. Draft Beer would’ve been great with this meal.

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