Steveston - Fisherman's Wharf

It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver today, and lunch just had to be eaten outside. Since I’m too lazy to clean off my grill to make a burger, we headed down to the yee olde town of Steveston for a stroll by the water and a quick bite.

Steveston (formally called Historic Steveston Village) is located at the south west corner of Richmond, by the water. There’s about a dozen restaurants at the fisherman’s wharf lined up along the boardwalk. In the 6 blocks of land of the little town you’ll find the highest concentration of Fish & Chip places in all of Vancouver. I counted about 10 establishments with the word Fish somewhere in their billboard.

Pajo's Fish & Chips in Steveston

Pajo’s serves a few different variations of Fish & Chips, with different pricing options depending on the type of fish. There are burgers and side dishes available also, but the sign reads ‘famous for fish & chips’, so I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity.

We had the small order of Halibut and chips, which came wrapped in a newsprint cone that fits into a slot in the tables nearby. There’s also a good variety of self serve condiments by the window to go with your order.

Pajo's Halibut Fish & Chips

Sitting down in the sun around the smiling young and old made the fresh and delicious meal all the more enjoyable.

Food: 9/10

Good place to go on a summer day?: Yes

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