10oz NY Steak Most people who have done any cooking on their own have tried their hands at making steak. It is probably one of the easier dishes to prepare and not screw up completely, provided you obtain a decent cut of meat. But how do chefs prepare it to perfection? The Times Online has the 5 steps to cooking the perfect steak here [via Slashfood].
Most of us know to use a little oil and high heat, but also important is the process of ‘resting’, or keeping the meat warm for a period of time after its been grilled.
One commenter found success in the unconventional method of reversing the process by heating the meat in an oven first, then searing on the pan. This actually makes more sense to me, as it’ll be easier to obtain a medium steak without having to fiddle with times on the pan or a dry outer layer. His method here.