Alexandra road probably has the highest number of HK Cafes per block in all of Vancouver. One really has to try hard to find them all. One place that probably fails to catch people’s eyes is Tea Hut cafe, located on the second floor beside the somewhat famous Zen restaurant.

DSC01767DSC01769TeaHut - Cozy HK CafeTeaHut - Cozy HK CafeTeaHut - Cozy HK CafeTeaHut - Cozy HK Cafe

The interior is small but with windows all along its west wall, there is plenty of ambient light lasting late into the night (perfect for taking pictures of the food). They seem to be run by a family staff of two, but provide a full featured menu rivaling its neighbors. Prices are on the low side, with combos that include soup and drink at less than $8. I had the steak combo, pictured below, which has pieces from just about every mammal alive. Actually its pork chop, sirloin steak, chicken steak, a strip of bacon, and a grilled hot dog wiener served au jus.  

TeaHut - Cozy HK Cafe

After the meal we got a card for 10% off the next meal. Though that only translates to less than a dollar saved with their prices, its a nice gesture that many forgo.

Food: 6.8/10

Ambience: 8/10 rarely do you find a HK Cafe that’s quiet and brightly lit. I could totally imagine this place playing some parisian Accordion music….if it didn’t have a LCD screen on the wall playing Chinese movies.


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