IMG_1868Accord is the smallest restaurant I’ve ever been to in Vancouver. Period.
Their unostentatious interior is only two dining tables wide, total seating is about a dozen people, and with the open view of the kitchen it feels like the inside of a bachelor’s studio apartment.

It is however, also the most authentic Taiwanese restaurant I’ve ever been to in Vancouver. According to the mom and pop owners, Accord has been open for 9 years in Vancouver. Its predecessor was owned and operated by the owner’s parents for 30 years in Taiwan. Family run and staffed, if it were a bit hotter inside, it’d be just like being transported to one of Taiwan’s back alley diners.

Beef noodles. Tasty soup and noodles that are just the right firmness, retaining some of the soup, making it a bit juicy.


Dry beef noodles with pickled veggies similar to sauerkraut. I can never get enough of the pickled veggies. These are a bit lighter and sweeter than what I’ve had before. Though the name says dry, there is a bit of soup for you to mix your noodles in.


Bean curd and spicy wontons. I’ve found different restaurants make spicy wontons in different ways. Some will use a peanut and chili oil sauce, and some will use a chili oil and vinegar mix, while others will just have chili oil. In the end, if the wontons are poor, it doesn’t matter what condiments were added. Here we were served real and delicious wontons with chili sauce.


This difficult to find gem is located on Kingsway, (map) opposite Metropolis.

I have a soft spot for mom and pop diners. They are the archetypes of the love, and perseverance that goes into preparing good food. This place has got the fundamentals right. Good food from good people. That in itself is a monolithic task some never achieve.

10 out of 10

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