While Daniel was drinking fancy beers and sampling dishes that I can’t even pronounce at Chambar, I was eating chicken wings at the mall.

Wo Fung Dessert - Aberdeen Center

Don’t pity me though. For it wasn’t just any mall and they weren’t just any chicken wings. I was at the Aberdeen Center food court munching on the famously greasy chicken wings from Wo Fung Dessert.

A confession – lately, the Aberdeen Center food court has been one of my favorite places to dine out. This is a caf that definitely does not suck. My girlfriend doesn’t even mind when I take her here, especially when the meal ends with a Beard Papa cream puff, Mondo gelato, Frappe Bliss shaved iced dessert, or a stroll through Daiso – all conveniently located inside the mall.

Wo Fung Dessert - Aberdeen CenterYour normal mall probably has a food court with Burger King, Arby’s, Manchu Wok, Orange Julius, Taco Time, …booooring. Asian malls (e.g. Aberdeen Center, Crystal Mall, Parker Place, etc.) are so much more interesting, and usually cheaper too. It’s debatable as to which Asian mall has the best food, but there’s no arguing that Aberdeen Center’s is the nicest. It even has free wifi if you want to geek it up.

But back to the wings.

One of the busiest places in the food court is Wo Fung Dessert. They’re most famous for their deep-fried chicken wings ($3.50 for 3 wings). Unlike western style buffalo wings, which are deep fried and then smothered in sauce, these wings are battered first and then deep fried.

Wo Fung Dessert - Aberdeen Center

They are VERY crispy. Wo Fung cooks only after you place your order. Because of this, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for your food, but it’s worth it. The wings arrive straight from the fryer, dripping in sizzling hot grease. Of course like most deep fried things, they taste great. The batter crunches like a potato chip and there is a curious hint of ginger spice.

Wo Fung Dessert - Aberdeen Center

With no regard for my arteries, I also ordered some deep fried squid tentacles ($3.75). Delicious. Even crispier than the ones at Pearl Castle.

Who needs fine dining? Grab whatever you have, throw it in a deep-fryer, and I’ll be one unhealthy happy customer.

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