The weather has been brilliant lately! Go outside, enjoy the city, and cool down with some ice cream.

Marble Slab

Marble Slab is a franchise with over 500 locations around the world. They have 5 locations in Metro Vancouver: 1 in Burnaby, 1 in New West, 1 in Coquitlam, 1 in Langley, and 1 in Downtown Vancouver on Denman Street (which is the one I visited). The former 4 are in pretty boring locations; ice cream will still taste great at the mall, but it’ll taste even better by the beach (the Denman Marble Slab is steps away from English Bay). On a hot day, the line ups will stretch out the door to the curb… but it moves pretty fast.

Marble SlabWhat’s so special about Marble Slab? Apparently, they are the ones that popularized the mix-in approach to ice cream toppings. Here’s how it works.

1. You choose your ice cream flavour.
2. You choose your Mixin (e.g. Oreo cookies, strawberries, M&Ms, etc.).
3. You choose your cone.
4. You pay for your purchase (this step sucks).

The Marble Slave slave will then mix the mixin you chose (step 2) into the ice cream you chose (step 1) by ways of kneading them together over a cold marble slab (hence the name).

Marble Slab

And that’s the result. For the record, peanut butter ice cream + Skor chunks on the left, chocolate amarretto + walnuts on the right, English Bay + Stanely Park in the background.

Ice cream seems to melt quicker on a hot day than gelato so you’ll have to eat fast… which should be no problem because it tastes so damn good.