On Friday I had the pleasure of getting off work early, which gave me some time to plan where to eat for dinner. After a bit of reading on the interweb reviews, and reaffirming with a bit of googlin and flickrin, I was set on Sushi Hachi 鮨八 in Richmond. (map)

Sushi Hachi - Exterior facing Cambie

The address is on Odlin, but Sushi Hachi is actually a part of Pacific Plaza and faces Cambie street. The interior is a cozy size, seating about two dozen, which is about a half dozen too many to manage comfortably for the Mom and Pop owners that staff this place. As a result, the mom darts from table to table at a Tokyo subway-esque pace while the pop is stationed at the sushi counter.

Sushi Hachi - Menu
Their menu has the regular sushi rolls and sashimi, along with a few delicacies, such as Shiokara (Squid guts), Ankimo (Fish Liver….think fois gras of the sea), and a variety of fish imported from Japan.
Sushi Hachi - Miso Soup with grilled fish
Miso soup is a separate order, and has got enough flavor to stand out. I think the secret is a piece of pre-grilled fish in the bowl.
Sushi Hachi - Oden
The Oden (on the menu as Japanese hot pot) had a bevy stewed goods soaking in a sweet broth, almost a meal in itself. I highly recommend this one as its a pretty good and not found at a lot of places.

I was expecting a few tentacles when I ordered the BBQ Squid, but instead got the whole squid! These were nicely done with enough of a chew make it interesting, but not tough. We couldn’t finish the whole thing, and half of it ended up being a late night snack, which went well with some beer.

Sushi Hachi - BBQ  Whole Squid

My fiancee isn’t a fan of sashimi, so we tried a few of their rolls. The spicy scallop and real crab roll (not shown) were good, and the house roll was just fully packed with good stuff. This was a huge order for two people, we were stuffed but still had a box to take home.

Sushi Hachi - House Roll

The food is of consistent high quality from the green tea to the pieces of ginger on the plate. Dinner for two came to less than $40.

Food: 8.7/10

Likelihood of returning: high

Sushi Hachi is a busy place, so reservations are recommended. (604 207-2882)

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