The office recently moved downtown, opening up a whole new set of lunch options. Luckily for us, the best hot dog stand in town is just around the corner.

Japadog on Burrard

Vancouver always touts its multiculturalism proudly, and so does Japadog on Burrard and Smithe, where “east meets west deliciously” as tastethehappy puts it. Its fusion food in a bun. More precisely, they serve hot dogs with a Japanese makeover. I know, its hard to imagine if you haven’t seen it before, and I had trouble explaining it to my coworkers without visual aid.

Take their Misomayo for example. Turkey sausage with Japanese mayo, miso sauce, and radish.
Japadog - Misomayo

Or Terimayo, their #1 export, beef hot dog with Japanese mayo, special teriyaki sauce, and seaweed toppings.
Japadog - Terimayo

Its more than just a gimmick, as these dogs taste pretty good with the Japanese toppings, and almost makes you forget what your momma told you about eating too much fast food. They do have other types of sausages, leaving the choice of condiments up to you. I also noticed their stand is cleaner than some restaurants I’ve been to, which is always a plus.

These guys are pretty famous too, making the news on numerous occasions, and proudly displays mug shots of B-list celebrities that have visited them, such as Steven Segal.

As far as hot dogs, cheap lunches, creative cuisines, and fusion food goes, this ranks pretty high up there.

Food: 8/10
Likelihood of returning: very high

Just in case you weren’t following up on hot dog related news, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut recently defeated Kobayashi “Tsunami” Takeru in Nathan’s hot dog eating contest by slaughtering 59 dogs in 10 minutes. That’s almost 1 hot dog every 10 second, and nearly 20,000 calories in total.

Fortunately for those two, I only had enough cash that day to buy one.

Japadog on Urbanspoon