We’re pretty big fans of Aberdeen mall food court, and every visit has reaffirmed that there’s good eats to be had among its dozen or so venues. On my last visit, I was looking for some chicken wings, but Wo Fung was fresh out of their deep fried goodies. Turns out it was a blessing in disguise, as I was forced to seek out other stalls I’ve never tried. i.e. everything on the right side. :p

Aberdeen Food Court - Leung Kee & Mambo Cafe

So we got in line for some Leung Kee and Mambo Cafe. The menu from these two places, when combined, probably looks a lot like the menu from a typical HK cafe. We had the BBQ duck rice from Leung Kee

Aberdeen Food Court - BBQ Duck

And the chicken steak + pork chop combo from Mambo cafe.
Aberdeen Food Court - Steak combo

Both were about $6 with drinks included, and the portion was very generous.

This left no room for dessert, but we were merrily on our way with our bellies full and wallets unscathed.

Likelihood of returning: there’s no escaping it