Sunflower Cafe - PosterEveryone probably knows of one guy/gal who’s painfully modest, never dresses too flashy or speak out of turn, polite to everyone they meet, but performs laudable work, of which they hold a quiet passion for, and garner respect from peers because of it. Sunflower Cafe on Royal Oak reminds me of someone like that.
Like sushi, bubble tea and Taiwanese cafes are a dime a dozen in Vancouver with nearly equal price points. The fickle diner may change their mind about a restaurant over the slightest dissatisfaction. But after a dozen or so visits, Sunflower hasn’t let me down.
Hidden (the good ones always are) behind a gas station in a mini plaza, Sunflower is a friendly Taiwanese style cafe serving food and bubble tea. Both the service and food has been above par. The decor and the large tacked on namesake poster covering half of the wall makes it all the more homey.

We found ourselves almost alone during a late dinner last night and ordered up a few familiar items.

Dry spicy beef noodle, slightly spicy, one of my favorite noodle dishes in Vancouver.

Sunflower Cafe - Dry Beef Noodles

Stewed pork dry noodle. Got a nice bit of sweetness to it. Like a hearty soupless version of ramen.
Sunflower Cafe - Stewed Pork with Dry Noodles

Sunflower Cafe - Takoyaki

and fried chicken wings. The wings were really something, marinaded thoroughly with five spice and light on the oil, something I wouldn’t mind eating everyday of the week.

Sunflower Cafe - Fried Wings

Likelihood of returning: 99%

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