I had high expectations when visiting Ajisai Sushi in Kerrisdale due to the number of rave reviews and acclamations on the intarwebs over the freshness of their ingredients and authentic preparation methods.
I don’t usually order sushi by the piece, and couldn’t tell you the difference between a red snapper and a yellowtail because I don’t eat them enough to remember, so after some head scratching and random finger placement on a >200 item menu, our party of four had the following plate ordered:
Ajisai Sushi
It consists of their spicy sushi combo, ebi mayo (shrimp with a dabble of Japanese mayo on top. Not what I expected at $1.90/piece), futomaki, negi hama (yellowtail), and a roll with taro and bbq eel in it. Not pictured is their BBQ black cod. A slice that took over half hour to get to our table. It was the most decadent and buttered up piece of fish I’ve ever tasted.
The bill was quite reasonable because we had little of their flown in from across the pacific ocean exotica.

It may be unrealistic expectations, or that the items we ordered didn’t contain enough raw fish to make the freshness factor stand out, but I’ve had plenty of sushi from places that weren’t hyped for purveying exceptionally fresh ingredients, yet still manages to impress a casual sushi eater such as myself. Ajisai Sushi is not a bad restaurant, and very well may have great appeal for the aficionados and gurus looking for the freshest pieces of raw fish. It just wasn’t a gem for me.