In almost every town/community/plaza I find at least one “Chinese”-looking restaurant (has bamboo fonts on their signage but only English lettering) and try to stay as far away from as possible, knowing that there is nothing Chinese about the food served there other than the soy sauce.
But thanks to our multicultural population, authentic Chinese restaurants are readily found in Vancouver.
Those south of the border, however, aren’t so lucky.

Here’s an interesting talk I think foodies will appreciate. It sheds some light on how these “Chinese” restaurants came about.
A few interesting tidbits:
– Chinese food is the most pervasive food on the planet
– Fortune cookies are not Chinese
– Broccoli is not a Chinese vegetable
– Picking lottery numbers from a fortune cookie is a bad idea

btw, that’s the worst youtube snapshot pic I’ve ever seen.
Her blog also has more resources on the topic.

Finally an appropriate time to whip the star out again, for the last time this year:
….we’ll get sued for using that eventually.