Yoshoku (洋食), meaning western food, is the name given to the Japanese take on western cuisine. Familiar looking dishes are transformed into an entirely different culinary denomination. ‘Eastern-ized’ if you will, with its roots dating back to over 150 years ago. Though not what people usually refer to as Japanese food, yoshoku is as much a staple of Japanese dining as ramen. Its derivatives, like curry, croquettes and katsu (breaded and deep fried) can also be found on menus of sushi spots and izakayas around town.
Located on the same block as the Denman+Robson golden trio(Kintaro, Motomachi Shokudo, Toratatsu), Yoshoku Ya’s certainly got some tough competition.
We ordered from a concise menu of curries, hamburger steaks, omu-rice, napolitan pasta, and steaks at fairly reasonable prices ($17 for a steak). We tried their omu-rice and hamburger steak.
Yoshoku Ya - Japanese style western food
The omu-rice for those who haven’t seen it before, is rice fried with ketchup, chicken, corn, onions, and wrapped with a thin layer of fried egg. Its served here with a bowl of salad. The hamburger steak a thick slab of hamburger grilled and served with a demiglace-like sauce.
Its been months since I’ve ate a burger, and found the juicy ‘steak’+sauce combo highly gratifying. The omu-rice wasn’t great as the eggs were slightly leathery, and it takes a lot more than a double serving of ketchup to make a fried rice interesting.

Overall it was worth a go, but the ingredients at Yoshoku Ya are too familiar, the dishes too conventional, for me to ever feel the urge to make a return trip. I will however be trying other yoshoku’s around town for comparison. Next stop is Ping’s Cafe (best web design ever). If anyone knows of other yoshoku restaurants in Vancouver, please let me know!

btw, Denny’s in Tokyo is pretty much all yoshoku style food. I know, WTF! (Want That Food!)

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