Ezogiku Ramen on RobsonEzogiku is one of the first ramen joints planted in downtown Vancouver (they’ve planted a few more around the world since) and also where I had my first taste of ramen over a decade ago. I do vaguely recall a few things that made an impression on me during that one faithful lunch time visit though. The line up was long, the seats were cramped, the bowl was large (too large for me to finish), the soup was incredible and tastier than anything I’ve slurped before, but what’s up with all the veggies?

It’s been a few years since I’ve been back. The location is still the same, the seats still cramped, the bowl has shrunk (though still bigger than Benkei), the soup isn’t as good as I remember, but what’s up with all the veggies?

Compared to its neighbors further down the street, Ezogiku’s miso ramen can almost be considered a healthy meal with its marked absence of animal fats, oils, butter, and extra helping of cabbage. The lone piece of charsiu looks like garnish, and the taste doesn’t reveal otherwise. While chewing on the cabbage I was strained to find redeeming qualities that might justify a return visit (its the closest ramen shop to the office). Next time around I’d probably add butter ($0.85 option here) to make the soup more interesting, and take out the cabbage.

Ezogiku Ramen on Robson

Anyone else remember their first bowl of ramen they’d like to share?
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