Still hungry after that bowl of ramen at Kintaro/Motomachi/Benkei? Looking for the perfect complement for that Japadog you ate on Burrard? Need a quick, affordable, and tasty snack while strolling around Robson Street? Cafe Crepe really sucks and this sentence isn’t even a question?

Bon Crepe

The answer to those questions might just be a delicious Japanese crepe from Bon Crepe.

Bon Crepe is located inside the Konbiniya Japanese convenience store @ 1238 Robson Street. If you have trouble finding Konbiniya, look for a store on the south side of Robson that has giant suspended Pocky boxes, a prominent “WE ® JAPAN!” sign, and a large facade that’s half Pikachu, half Geisha. Look closely – it’s totally subtle. Konbiniya is worth a blog post of its own as it offers authentic Japanese pre-made meals, countless varieties of Pocky, Japanese DVDs and karaoke, and Shiatsu massages (what?). But this post is about Bon Crepe, which is accessible from inside Konbiniya or from the outside through their takeout window.

Bon Crepe’s got both savory and sweet crepes on their menu.
Here’s their  #10 – Strawberry Chocolate Whip Topping crepe ($4.05) – fresh and light!

Bon Crepe

Japanese crepes are similar to the French-style crepes most people are familiar with. There are a few differences. Japanese crepes are made with less butter and tend to be less crispy. In Bon Crepe’s case, the crepe batter contains glutinous rice – which gives the crepe a distinctive and self-described “mochi-mochi” texture (mochi means Japanese rice cake); these crepes are chewier and more spongy than French-style ones.

Bon Crepe

French crepes generally contain cooked fillings like caramelized apples. Japanese crepes, on the other hand, contain uncooked fillings like fresh strawberries. In addition to normal crepe fillings like nutella, banana, and strawberries, Bon Crepe also has funkier fillings like red bean, condensed milk, homemade cheesecake, and homemade pudding.

Lastly, their crepes are wrapped in a cone shape. Not only does this shape ensure that each bite nets a mouthful of crepe, it’s also super convenient. Easy to hold, you can munch on these crepes while you shop on Robson. Or while you walk your dog.

Here’s #40 – Banana Nutella Whip Topping ($4.05) – classic.

Bon Crepe

As you would expect, these crepes are fresh and made to order. Every time I go to Bon Crepe, the same polite Japanese man makes my crepe. You can even ask him to make you a customized, mash-up crepe if you so wish.

Do check out Bon Crepe next time you’re on Robson. You won’t be disssapointed.

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