Modern ClubAfter taking a wrong turn out of downtown on my way to Richmond, I decided to change dinner plans and go for okonomiyaki from Modern Club on Dunbar.
Okonomiyaki, like ramen, is a simple dish but can cause food fanatics to spend hours debating who from where makes it best how. We don’t have that kind of enthusiasm for okonomiyaki in Vancouver. Why? Because there really is only one or two places that serve it. Its a culinary hole that’s waiting to be filled. Modern Club to the rescue? Not so much.

Okonomiyaki that contains noodles fall into the ‘modern’-yaki category. At the Modern Club they serve Osaka style tama(regular), modern(with crunchy soba noodles), and postmodern(cute terminology) (with thicker udon noodles) variations. We tried their regular style shrimp, and the modern style squid (ika).
Modern Club - Ika okonomiyaki (modern style)
The portion is on the small side, and though the sauce went well with the crunchy noodles and mayo, its not worth $16. Appetizers are pre-cooked and pulled out of a cooler, and sushi is no better than lunch take outs. It is only worth visiting on Tuesday nights when the special is okonomiyaki for $10.

Its also incredibly easy to make a better version at home. As demonstrated in my favorite youtube cooking show:

I <3 C.W.D.


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