Granville Island Fisherman's Wharf

Go Fish is a shack on the fisherman’s wharf a few steps off Granville Island. It in itself not pretty. People are literally eating in a parking lot on the wharf. The view of the harbor boats is its only redeeming quality. Plus I’ve heard two personal recommendations about this place being the best fish & chips joint in Vancouver last week, and the long lineup suggest its no secret.
Go Fish on Granville Island

We were lucky enough to score a free parking spot just in front of their metal hut, and used the extra pocket change to splurge on the halibut and chips (halibut pwns cod btw). The beer batter is light, didn’t feel greasy, and the fish is fresh as expected, still with certain firmness. Fried batter can sometimes hide the actual size of the fish underneath, but that was not so with Go Fish, as their batter is thin and the big golden pieces are nearly all fish.
Go Fish on Granville Island - Halibut

On their specials menu was the scallop burger with caramelized onions and a kick ass spicy sauce. Wolfed this one down so quick I almost forgot to share a bite with my fiancee.
Go Fish on Granville Island - Scallop Sandwich
Last time I had fish and chips on a dock was at Pajo‘s in Steveston. Good quality batter fried fish can be found there, serving a more family oriented clientele also in a scenic part of town, but does not beat Go Fish as the best fish & chips I’ve had.

A great complement to your next stroll around Granville Island.

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