NOTE: This place is now closed, and a new Benkei Ramen is opening up in its place.
Noodle Express on Thurlow has been around for over 15 years, serving Japanese and Chinese food, but most notably from their sign, ramen.

Noodle Express
Only minutes walk from the office, we had to check it out in case it was the best kept secret of the Vancouver ramen scene, and everyone’s being r-e-e-e-ally quiet about it. What we found was that while their ramen won’t please the ladies as much as Kintaro, is still respectable, at a quality level a notch above frozen Nissin ramen (review coming soon), and topped full of extras for a filling taste experience.

Noodle Express

After years worth of research, I have enough data to form the following theorem about Ramen in the 604:
Theorem ramen-604

Noodle Express is somewhere on the rising part of the X-axis (Ezogiku dragged down the stats) and worth a few more lunchtime visits.

Disclaimer: Theories have their holes. Like cheese.

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