I love coffee. I drink 2-3 cups a day, and on weekend mornings I get a lot of enjoyment in making my perfect cup of coffee:

  • 20g fresh medium roast beans
  • 10 second grind
  • double paper filter in a one cup manual drip coffee maker
  • 400cc water at 93°C
  • 3 minute brew
  • 10g sugar

The rest of the week is less precise. Though I try to bring freshly ground beans every morning to the office and brew in a french press, there are times I need to get a cup that’s made by someone else.

McDonalds coffeeLast week, McDonalds started giving out free cups of their premium roast coffee (8:30-10:30am only). To cut to the chase, it tastes good. It’s smooth, nutty, lightly roasted aroma, and washed down my sausage McGriddle nicely. It’s about the best value for a cup of coffee next to Tim Hortons and has more locations around the city. Consumer reports actually rates it first place among fast food coffees, and above Starbucks. (not saying much really)

It’s a great idea to aggressively advertise cheaper alternatives for premium products in a recession, and Starbucks (hate it) is well aware that their place in the coffee world is starting to get shaky. Though McDonalds premium roast coffee is still subpar even compared to supermarket brands of whole bean coffee brewed correctly, it’s nice to know I could get a drinkable cup of coffee anywhere in the city if I was in a hurry.