Tenku Bakudanyaki - Trailer
Tenku Bakudanyaki brings to Richmond a very innovative offering from Japan. Super sized takoyaki. Or literally translated from the name, grilled bombs.
Served hot off of the back of a mobile kitchen, these tennis ball sized spheres contain almost a dozen different ingredients (squid, cabbage, shrimp, mochi, shrimp, …), and are covered in okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, and a variety of toppings. We had a hard time finding their truck because we just didn’t expect it to be smack in the middle of a parking lot on the southeast corner of Elmbridge and Gilbert.

A few topping flavors are available on the menu, all for $5 each (same price you’d pay in Japan), along with a daily special. We went with the original and the special of the day, garlic mayo (dried garlic sprinkles)

Tenku Bakudanyaki - Original Tenku Bakudanyaki - Garlic Mayo
There’s a good variety of flavors served in that small take out box. Because of the large number of ingredients, every bite is kept interesting. One’s not enough for a meal, but luckily Aberdeen is just minutes away.

P.S. The owner said he has plans to expand to several locations. I hope he meant outside of Richmond. They’re already on twitter @Bakudanyaki (and a lot less annoying than @Japadog).

P.P.S. There are a few bakudanyaki chains in Japan. If you’re wondering what they’re like, check out herehere, and here.

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