I have a lot of respect for Japanese ad design and marketing. They can make absolutely anything look like a premium upscale product. That’s why I love going to Daiso. I can always find something that makes me say “Wow, that’s cool”, within 2 seconds of looking at just the packaging. It shows that these guys have really done their jobs, and that is to catch consumers’ attention while having their product placed on a shelf among a hundred other similar products on a display shelf.
These two cans of coffee were picked up from Richmond Daiso for $1 each, and they might as well have cost three times that price if someone put them at another store next to other overpriced import products, and no one would be able to tell. The minimalist design and expressive typography tells you…no…ensures you that these products are of premium genealogy and that even the greatest luxuries in life are within your reach.
This one in particular is branded Whistler Black coffee. I’m not sure if that is intended to sound like Whistler Blackcomb or not. The subtext reads “You can enjoy the finest flavor and taste”. Isn’t that so positive and encouraging? Its like getting a good fortune from a fortune cookie, but without all the philosophical pretense.
The coffee itself taste like something you pick up at a supermarket for cheap. To me that didn’t matter. I just wanted to hold the sexy can.

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