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In-N-Out Burger (California)

In-N-Out California

My recent trip to California has been nothing short of spectacular. Good weather and open roads do wonders for the soul and appetite, and I admit, I’ve let myself go. Over the course of a week, I had more than a month’s worth of my usual intake of red meat.
I’ve not felt an ounce of guilt eating at In-N-Out though. Three things I love about In-N-Out

  1. The beef. High quality. Never frozen.
  2. The fries. Freshly cut to order.
  3. The menu. Burgers + Fries + Drinks. That’s it.

For a late dinner I ordered up a double double (two patties and two cheese), which contains their special sauce, a thousand island type dressing with mayonnaise, kind of like a fancier mayo+ketchup combo. Bun was toasted, adding an extra dimension to the taste. I usually slather my burgers with ketchup to mask the taste of dry beef, but there was no need here.
In-N-Out California
The fries, cut from fresh potatoes in front of our eyes, did not taste greasy, and each bite has a lot more substance than most restaurants.
In-N-Out California

Its hard to imagine this is fast food. A must try if you visit California.

psst, there is a secret menu.

and pssst


Vera’s Burger Shack – Burgers on the Beach

Vera's Burger ShackSpring is in Vancouver’s air. The cherry blossoms are budding, the temperature is slowly rising, and the rain is finally letting up. With that, I decided to spend a couple of my Easter long weekend hours at Kitsilano Beach.

Vera's Burger Shack I left home with an appetite. Since it wasn’t Good Friday anymore, I decided to pick up a big meaty burger at Vera’s Burger Shack. Although Vera’s has franchised itself out to many locations across Vancouver, their burgers are closer to your do-it-yourself backyard barbeque burgers than to your boring McD’s offerings. They better be: the Classic Vera Burger I ordered was $5.69. Their fancier burgers are in the $7 – $9 range.

The restaurant’s decor really does look like a shack, complete with picnic tables and corrugated metal walls. Not bad for a fast-food joint actually. However, I chose to takeout and picked a comfy log on nearby Kitsilano Beach instead.

Vera's Burger Shack

Yummy burger. Great view. Bring on summer.

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