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Golden Oscar Cafe – Pork Chop that deserves an award

Golden Oscar Cafe Before someone busts my chops over what an ugly photo this is of Golden Oscar HK Cafe (map) exterior, I’ll have you know that this is a pretty darn accurate representation. It IS ugly on the outside. Even the glue from their old banner logo wasn’t cleaned off properly, and you can clearly tell the artistic direction they were taking with the sign: Bigger.
The same could be said of their baked pork chop.
It’s absolutely epic. This is the 2001 Space Odyssey of pork chops. Slathered with tomato sauce and melted cheese, two sumo sized slabs of breaded pork chop sits on top of a plate of fried rice. Though tender and full flavored, finishing all of it in one sitting is a challenge.

Golden Oscar Cafe - Epic Baked Pork Chop

The chicken steak is trembling in its uptown square plate:
Golden Oscar Cafe - Chops

The place wouldn’t be called Oscar if it didn’t have some sort of Hollywood theme of course. Well, the walls are lined with classic movie posters and star portraits. Since Braveheart is the newest film I saw on the wall, I don’t think anything’s been updated for over a decade.
Golden Oscar Cafe - Braveheart

I had my first baked PC ever from Oscar Cafe waaay back, and its really set the bar high since. Mel agrees.
melgibson oscar

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Curry King – Have they got any Curry?

Though I love cheesy post titles, “food fit for a king” would be too much of an exaggeration for this casual HK Cafe. That is not to say that the food at Curry King (map) isn’t up to par. Its been on my mind to write about Curry King since thecafsux days.
Curry King - exterior
Unlike other cafes that relinquish no info about their specialties in their names and opt for something stylish and chic, Curry King touts their competitive advantage proudly: Curry. More specifically the milder southeast Asian kind.

Curry King - interior

The interior is small, and we had doubts whether our with our party of ten would fit, as usually there is a line up at the entrance. Luckily a large booth and table in the corner was open. Funny thing is, they both had ‘reserved’ signs placed on them, but the waitress seated us in them anyway. I felt a little embarrassed that we are taking someone’s reservation, though after admitting to the waitress that we didn’t have a reservation, she simply replied that it didn’t matter. Which leads me to believe that the ‘reserved’ signs in HK Cafes are just placed on the tables so servers can turn away small parties of two in favor of larger groups when needed.

Their lunch menu is massive, and includes everything you might see at other HK Cafes, plus enough curry dishes to make up another menu altogether.

Trying to have the least nutrition possible, I ordered the BBQ pork fried instant noodles in XO sauce. Atkins is rolling in his grave.
Curry King - fried instant noodles

It’d be blasphemy to not order their curry of course, and so we ordered the Thai red curry with BBQ duck. A strong combination of flavors that leaves you wanting more.
Curry King - red Thai curry duck

Having had a few of their other curry items on previous visits, including their yellow curry that stains the tablecloth with a neon yellow tinge not unlike a highlighter pen, I have to say, their curry can be considered King….in Burnaby anyway. They also have a second location on Cambie, which some feel is better than the Kingsway location. Having never been there I couldn’t comment.

Food: 7.5/10

Number of TVs playing the Justice Bao soap opera (pure 90’s Chinese TV gold) on the wall: 2

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