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Benkei Ramen on Thurlow

Benkei Ramen on Thurlow opens up

Finally had a chance to check out the freshly renovated Noodle Express, er…I mean newly constructed Benkei Ramen on Thurlow today along with Ed and a few coworkers.
The lineup was already out the door when we arrived, but somehow within a few minutes we were able to get a table for 5 ahead of a few couples ahead of us.
The interior is pretty much the same as its sister location further down Robson with slightly more seats (not very comfortable). The menu is still straightforward, with its different variety of soup bases in the front and toppings/extras in the back. Benkei Ramen (Thurlow) menu
Though everyone else got it, I HAD to get something other than plain miso ramen, cause its what I had for dinner pretty much the whole week (orz), and ordered the Akioni (red devil) spicy miso with the works (but no butter, so its all healthy). It wasn’t that spicy though, so anyone could take the extra flavour kick. They were out of the Akioni right after we ordered, so apparently its pretty popular. No surprises here. Its just as good as the other location.
Benkei Ramen - Akioni with all the toppings

We’ll be back. Often.

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Viet Sub on Robson

Viet SubI look forward to lunch so much sometimes that I wonder if I go to work just for the lunch. I’m sure anyone who toil away in an office for over 1/3 of their waking hours can relate. But depressing statistics aside, the lunch breaks at work have been a pretty fun affair. We have a regular group happily venturing out everyday (‘happily’ only on non-raining days) and have a sizeable rotation (of which I’ve meant to blog) of restaurants we go to to keep things fresh.
Viet Sub on Robson is one place we’ve been going to for a while now.

These guys makes some great subs toasted and rolled in front of your eyes.
Viet Sub

The special sub is the well rounded choice I usually go for, but they also have some good pho noodle soups. The ingredients are typical to viet style subs, and the taste is exceptional. Fast, cheap ($~4/sub) and friendly.
Viet Sub Menu
There’s a specials board on the wall behind the door with more menu items(I haven’t seen anything move from either menus though).
Viet Sub

There’s almost 0 seating capacity in here, so its take out preferred. Which is great, because there’s a new Beard Papa’s right next door you can go to get a cream puff for dessert. Perfect combo.

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Japadog Episode II: Pender and Burrard

For those who haven’t heard (listen up Ice Cube/Jin from LOST/Anthony Bourdain/Steven Segal), Japadog – creator of the famous Terimayo hot dog – has opened up a 2nd location on Burrard & Pender. With the same cheerful smiles and a slightly larger cart, they’re armed with a few additions to their already innovative menu.

Japadog II

Of the few times we’ve ventured down, there’s always a crowd gathering at the stand.

Japadog 2

Ed: I went with the Korrokke. Taste? Think steak and potatoes in a bun. Not bad. Very unique and definitely filling. However, as intrigue as my weiner dog with a Japanese name  was by this Japadog, Terimayo is still tops for me *high fives Anthony Bourdain*.

Japadog II

Dan: My first try was the Okura. Never had this veg before, and I’m not a fan of the natto-like texture, but its worth a taste.

Japadog 2

Dan: Last is the Sakana fish sausage. They must have been using tropical fishes in this sausage cause the weiner is bright pink, and reminds me of bubble gum and cotton candies. But the tuna on top does make up for it somewhat. If you happen to be a non red meat eater, this is a good alternative to tofu dogs. But I’ll stick to old fashioned beef.

Japadog II

Ed: All in all, we’re not crazy about the new flavors but you can never have too much Japadog in our opinion. And, in case you find yourself constantly forgetting about Japadog, follow @japadog on Twitter to get bombarded with informative updates like, “How are our friends today? Pay Day? Celebrate weekend with Japa Dog! =)”  every single day.

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Ezogiku Noodle Cafe – The magic is gone

Ezogiku Ramen on RobsonEzogiku is one of the first ramen joints planted in downtown Vancouver (they’ve planted a few more around the world since) and also where I had my first taste of ramen over a decade ago. I do vaguely recall a few things that made an impression on me during that one faithful lunch time visit though. The line up was long, the seats were cramped, the bowl was large (too large for me to finish), the soup was incredible and tastier than anything I’ve slurped before, but what’s up with all the veggies?

It’s been a few years since I’ve been back. The location is still the same, the seats still cramped, the bowl has shrunk (though still bigger than Benkei), the soup isn’t as good as I remember, but what’s up with all the veggies?

Compared to its neighbors further down the street, Ezogiku’s miso ramen can almost be considered a healthy meal with its marked absence of animal fats, oils, butter, and extra helping of cabbage. The lone piece of charsiu looks like garnish, and the taste doesn’t reveal otherwise. While chewing on the cabbage I was strained to find redeeming qualities that might justify a return visit (its the closest ramen shop to the office). Next time around I’d probably add butter ($0.85 option here) to make the soup more interesting, and take out the cabbage.

Ezogiku Ramen on Robson

Anyone else remember their first bowl of ramen they’d like to share?
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Stepho’s Greek Taverna – Your stretched waist will bring you back

Busted a gut trying to finish their Calamari Dinner ($10) for lunch today.
Stepho's Greek Taverna - Calamari Dinner
Its one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. The seasoned batter dulled my sense of fullness, yet I still only got 3/4 of the way.

Stepho’s on Davie (map) is an unsophisticated but reliable downtown lunch spot for me and a few coworkers from which we can count on three things:

  1. Satisfying Greek food
  2. Large portions often enough for 2 lunches
  3. Eating too much, then feeling comatose through the afternoon
  4. But, we…

  5. Repeat

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