21062008214La Cuisson in Richmond is a Charming cafe hidden within Union sq. (Look for the big umbrellas outside)

Family owned and operated, they have a good selection of specialty coffees and teas, as well as some desserts made in house. Free WiFi (time to get that iPhone) is available 6-11pm. They also appear to host coffee education sessions, which says something of their expertise in coffee preparation.

There are daily specials that combine a dessert dish with a drink for about $8. Their specialty coffees are about $5 a cup, but normal blends can be had for less. I had the Jamaican Blue Mountain house replica blend coffee, prepared through a syphon instead of drip. The real Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee can be had too, for $15 a cup.


Though that seems pricey, if you were to buy the beans, the real deal does fetch up to three times the price of any premium coffees sold.

Definitely worth a visit even for the attentively decorated interior alone, and if you like coffee, well this is a can’t miss. The service is great too. I usually drink a few cups of coffee a day, and after tasting some of the great alternatives in Vancouver, I’ll be damned if I ever buy another cup of capitalist molasses from $tarbucks again.

9 smooth cups of coffee out of 10

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