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NYC: Numero 28 – Pizza with Attitude in The Village

My 1st NYC breakfast may have been cheap, but it didn’t exactly fill me up. After walking down Broadway and exploring Greenwich Village (extremely cool and pronounced “greh-nich” btw), I was beginning to get hungry again.

Hmm, what to eat? What do we have on this Greenwich Village street? A spaghetti restaurant, a noodle bar, and a pizzeria: melting pot indeed. I chose the Numero 28 pizzeria (the one with the yellow sign) as it seemed the most New York-y to me at the time.

Numero 28

Stepping inside, the first thing I saw was a real wood-burning pizza oven. Good start. The waiter seated us at a table and I took a look at the menu. I wanted a simple and authentic thin-crust pizza with some veggies and a little meat. The prosciutto caught my eye.

Numero 28There were 2 items featuring it:
S. Daniele
– Prosciutto S. Daniele, rucola, mozarella
Piadina – Stuffed prosciutto, rucola, parmiagino

I wasn’t sure what the Piadina was so I asked what the “Stuffed” referred to. The waiter told me, in a rude tone as if I should’ve been born with this knowledge, that it was a stuffed pizza similar to a gyro. I wanted a real pizza so I went with the S. Daniele ($15 for the 14″). Before the waiter was able to escape, I asked him what “rucola” was. He gave me a disgusted look, told me that it referred to arugula, and walked away. Ouch! And here I thought I was ahead of the curve for already knowing what prosciutto and parmigiano were.

Numero 28

I was a bit annoyed at the waiter’s incredible rudeness, but then I remembered that I was in New York City. When he brought out the delicious pizza, all was forgiven.

I haven’t had such a tasty thin-crust since visiting Europe a few years back. The crust was crispy, the “rucola” was so fresh it was as if it grew out of the crust, the cheese was nice and light, and the cured prosciutto was salty as hell.

Sure beats the Panago we always order at the office.
Fantastic lunch, despite the NYC attitude.


NYC: Papaya Dog – Breakfast for Under a Buck

Still full from the previous night’s meal and eager to begin my 1st day exploring New York City, I looked for a light breakfast. A few minutes from our hotel, at the foot of the Empire State Building, and on the edge of Koreatown, something caught my eye…

NYC - Papaya Dog

Do you see what I saw?

99¢ breakfast baby!
Papaya Dog, known for their hotdogs, had a “2 Eggs Potatoes & Toast” breakfast for under a buck.

NYC - Papaya Dog

The “chef” was quick with the spatula and surprisingly friendly.
So how was the food?

NYC - Papaya Dog

Not bad. The eggs and bread were fine, but the soggy potatoes were saturated with a strange and spicy seasoning salt. But for 99¢, who am I to complain? I even overlooked the fact that I had nowhere to sit, forcing me to eat standing up on Fifth Avenue.

Not the most glamorous meal but whatever – it’s not like NYC is paved in gold.

New York City: Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro

Eat Snap Repeat Around the WorldIntroducing Eat, Snap, Repeat Around the World!

You didn’t think we would stop blogging just because we were on vacation did you?

I feel that meals make up some of the most memorable parts of a vacation: they’re where you spend a large portion of your vacation budget, where you meet and socialize with old friends, and where you get a taste of the local culture. To me, this is what Eat, Snap, Repeat is all about.

We’re gonna kick off ESR Around the World with New York City. GREAT SUCCESS!

First meal: Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro & Wine Bar, located on 2 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Boy was I hungry (the frozen muffin from Bellingham International Airport and Whooper from Salt Lake City International Airport did not cut it).

NYC - Artisanal

Walking into Artisanal, I instantly felt the New York City vibe. It was packed. It was loud. Now, restaurants in Vancouver can get pretty busy (especially the ones in Richmond), but this felt different. The patrons were well-dressed and boisterous: business men and women letting it all out after a day working at their Manhattan offices perhaps?

NYC - Artisanal

Distracted by the interesting crowd only momentarily, my growling stomach quickly focused my attention back on the menu. Because Artisanal is famous for its great selection of cheeses (over 250 different kinds!), we started off by sharing their Artisanal Blend cheese fondue ($24). I’m not exactly sure what the fondue consists of, but it was certainly memorable; I tasted a blend of extremely sharp cheeses, garlic, and liberal amounts of alcohol. Cubes of bread, apples ($3.50), and beef tips ($10.50) coated in this gooey concoction came to life.

NYC - Artisanal NYC - Artisanal

Next up, an entree of Chatham Cod ($26.50). Not bad, but not as memorable as the stinky fondue. For my first NYC dessert, what else could I get than a slice of cheesecake? Forget New York style, this is the real deal. We shared the Artisanal Cheesecake, with Pecan Praline & Caramel Sauce ($10.50) – simply amazing.  Words cannot describe.

All in all, not a bad way to kick off my mini vacation in New York City.
Stay tuned for more posts from the Big Apple.

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