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News: Summer Night Market 2009 has begun!

Summer Night Market 2009 logoIt’s that time of year again…

The Richmond Summer Night Market opened its doors tonight for yet another iteration of the popular summer festival. It’s open every weekend until October 4th, 2009.

Same venue: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond, B.C. (behind the Home Depot)
Same hours: 7PM – 12AM on Fridays & Saturdays, 7PM – 11PM on Sundays
Same crappy merchandise.
Same headache-inducing parking.
Same claustrophobic crowds?
Same delicious street food!

We’ll be visiting soon.Will Ed continue his tradition of eating a Mango UFO? Will Dan get arrested for purchasing pirated DVDs? Will the Summer Night Market be shut down by a federal court ordered injunction?

All these questions will be answered soon! Stay tuned!


News: Summer Night Market is a GO for 2008

A news update on the Richmond Night Market.

Short story:

  • The “Summer Night Market” will begin Friday, May 30 and run until October 5 (June 23 update: the food has arrived and the market is in full swing!)
  • The night market is open:
    • Fridays & Saturdays: 7pm – Midnight
    • Sundays & Holiday Mondays: 7pm – 11pm
  • The market is located at 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond (behind Home Depot)

Long Story:

Richmond Night MarketThe Richmond Night Market has been serving up Asian street food (and other festivities) every summer since 2000. It’s grown in popularity every year and, love it or hate it, is a unique event in Vancouver. We covered it last year. There were some serious question marks as to whether or not the event would return this year.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Raymond Cheung (Target Events Production Ltd.), the event founder, cancelled the event for 2008. This is due to the lease running out on the current location at 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond (behind Home Depot); apparently, the landlord wanted a lot more money
  • Raymond Cheung is looking for a new venue for the night market, and hopes that it can return (in a better location) in 2009

So the summer night market is off for 2008 right? Nope, it’s ON.

  • Paul Cheung (Lions Communication, organizers of other Vancouver festivities throughout the years), has acquired the necessary permits and will be hosting the night market at the same location (12631 Vulcan Way) under the new “Summer Night Market” moniker.
  • The new venue (at the same location) is currently under construction. Improvements such as improved access and cheaper parking (whoo!) have been promised

Sweet! So when can we check it out?

  • According to Lions Communication’s website, the event will begin Friday, May 30 and run to October 5 (June 23 update: the food has arrived and the market is in full swing!)
  • The night market will be open:
    • Fridays & Saturdays: 7pm – Midnight
    • Sundays & Holiday Mondays: 7pm – 11pm

Cool. Same place, same time, cheaper parking. It’s all good right? Not yet…

  • Raymond Cheung has filed trademark and copyright infringment lawsuits against Paul Cheung, claiming that the “Summer Night Market” infringes on the “Richmond Night Market”
  • Last Sunday, there was sabotage on the construction on the new venue

So, as long these 2 complications do not delay the opening, I guess we can begin looking forward to summer nights of tasty Asian street food, cheap Chinese ripoff products, and stressful (slightly cheaper?) parking.

Richmond Night Market – Eating Out

It’s that time of year again…

Richmond Night Market

Established in 2000 and now in its 7th year, the Richmond Night Market has become an annual Vancouver tradition. It’s Richmond’s take on the iconic night markets in places like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The Richmond Night Market is here all summer: May 18 – October 8.
Open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and long-weekend Monday nights.
Friday & Saturday: 7pm-12am
Sunday & long-weekend-Mondays: 7pm-11pm

We went on a warm Friday night and it was PACKED. If you suffer from agoraphobia or claustrophobia , you might want to look away.

Richmond Night Market

On busy nights, the market supposedly attracts up to 30,000 people. Judging by how long it took me to get from one end of the food area to the other end, it’s not hard to believe.

There are other non-food attractions at the market like bootleg merchandise, a stage for music performances, and more bootleg merchandise, but the food is the #1 reason to go (and only reason in my opinion).

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night MarketThis ain’t your typical sit-down restaurant. There are dozens of food stands and even more choices. Tasty examples include BBQ meat skewers (pictured above), curry fish balls, stinky tofu, fresh fruit, Korean BBQ, Bubble Tea, and much more. A selection typically ranges in price from $2 to $5, depending on what you order.

The coolest part of the Richmond Night Market is being able to watch your food get cooked right in front of you and then being able to snack on it as you make your way towards the next food stand.

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night MarketI was pretty full from dinner and was contempt with ordering a mango shaved ice, which is basically fluffy snow drenched with super-sweet condensed milk and fresh mango. It was absolutely delicious. You can get shaved ice desserts year round in most bubble tea cafes, but they taste so much better at the night market; similar to how Coke always tastes better out of a cold glass bottle.

Getting my shaved ice was no easy task though. After wading through the crowds and placing my order, I had to wait at least 10 minutes. There are just too many people. In fact, getting to the Richmond Night Market is no easy task in itself. On a busy night, you have the choice of either parking 20 minutes away for free or queuing up for 20 minutes to have the opportunity to pay $5.50 for closer parking.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the fact that the Richmond Night Market serves up some great food with a side of unique Asian culture. Check it out at least once.

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