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Egg Tarts from Golden Gate Bakery (San Francisco)

While visiting San Francisco’s chinatown, our friends/free tour guides insisted that we must try the best egg tarts in town. We did. They were, in fact, the best we’ve ever had. Custard is airy and fragrant, and shell is soft and flaky. Sorry, I couldn’t resist biting mine before I took the picture.


Lineups are found here constantly, waiting for trays coming fresh from their back alley oven. Here:

From which you can also make purchases from. Its bout 2 blocks away, and very well hidden. Hard to describe the location, but google street view helps.

They didn’t seem to like me taking pictures in their store, though its no mystery what the inside looks like.

One of those must try places when walking around Chinatown in San Fran.


Help! Where to eat in San Francisco?

Golden_Gate-BridgeThere’s been a dearth of posts lately from me lately, but for a good reason. However, next week I’ll be on vacation to San Francisco, and am in desperate need of restaurant suggestions. So, dear readers, any personal food experiences worth sharing, or heard of any good eats in the city of love?

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