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Benkei Ramen on Thurlow

Benkei Ramen on Thurlow opens up

Finally had a chance to check out the freshly renovated Noodle Express, er…I mean newly constructed Benkei Ramen on Thurlow today along with Ed and a few coworkers.
The lineup was already out the door when we arrived, but somehow within a few minutes we were able to get a table for 5 ahead of a few couples ahead of us.
The interior is pretty much the same as its sister location further down Robson with slightly more seats (not very comfortable). The menu is still straightforward, with its different variety of soup bases in the front and toppings/extras in the back. Benkei Ramen (Thurlow) menu
Though everyone else got it, I HAD to get something other than plain miso ramen, cause its what I had for dinner pretty much the whole week (orz), and ordered the Akioni (red devil) spicy miso with the works (but no butter, so its all healthy). It wasn’t that spicy though, so anyone could take the extra flavour kick. They were out of the Akioni right after we ordered, so apparently its pretty popular. No surprises here. Its just as good as the other location.
Benkei Ramen - Akioni with all the toppings

We’ll be back. Often.

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Viet Sub on Robson

Viet SubI look forward to lunch so much sometimes that I wonder if I go to work just for the lunch. I’m sure anyone who toil away in an office for over 1/3 of their waking hours can relate. But depressing statistics aside, the lunch breaks at work have been a pretty fun affair. We have a regular group happily venturing out everyday (‘happily’ only on non-raining days) and have a sizeable rotation (of which I’ve meant to blog) of restaurants we go to to keep things fresh.
Viet Sub on Robson is one place we’ve been going to for a while now.

These guys makes some great subs toasted and rolled in front of your eyes.
Viet Sub

The special sub is the well rounded choice I usually go for, but they also have some good pho noodle soups. The ingredients are typical to viet style subs, and the taste is exceptional. Fast, cheap ($~4/sub) and friendly.
Viet Sub Menu
There’s a specials board on the wall behind the door with more menu items(I haven’t seen anything move from either menus though).
Viet Sub

There’s almost 0 seating capacity in here, so its take out preferred. Which is great, because there’s a new Beard Papa’s right next door you can go to get a cream puff for dessert. Perfect combo.

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Noodle Express – Fills, no frills

NOTE: This place is now closed, and a new Benkei Ramen is opening up in its place.
Noodle Express on Thurlow has been around for over 15 years, serving Japanese and Chinese food, but most notably from their sign, ramen.

Noodle Express
Only minutes walk from the office, we had to check it out in case it was the best kept secret of the Vancouver ramen scene, and everyone’s being r-e-e-e-ally quiet about it. What we found was that while their ramen won’t please the ladies as much as Kintaro, is still respectable, at a quality level a notch above frozen Nissin ramen (review coming soon), and topped full of extras for a filling taste experience.

Noodle Express

After years worth of research, I have enough data to form the following theorem about Ramen in the 604:
Theorem ramen-604

Noodle Express is somewhere on the rising part of the X-axis (Ezogiku dragged down the stats) and worth a few more lunchtime visits.

Disclaimer: Theories have their holes. Like cheese.

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Go Fish on Granville Island

Granville Island Fisherman's Wharf

Go Fish is a shack on the fisherman’s wharf a few steps off Granville Island. It in itself not pretty. People are literally eating in a parking lot on the wharf. The view of the harbor boats is its only redeeming quality. Plus I’ve heard two personal recommendations about this place being the best fish & chips joint in Vancouver last week, and the long lineup suggest its no secret.
Go Fish on Granville Island

We were lucky enough to score a free parking spot just in front of their metal hut, and used the extra pocket change to splurge on the halibut and chips (halibut pwns cod btw). The beer batter is light, didn’t feel greasy, and the fish is fresh as expected, still with certain firmness. Fried batter can sometimes hide the actual size of the fish underneath, but that was not so with Go Fish, as their batter is thin and the big golden pieces are nearly all fish.
Go Fish on Granville Island - Halibut

On their specials menu was the scallop burger with caramelized onions and a kick ass spicy sauce. Wolfed this one down so quick I almost forgot to share a bite with my fiancee.
Go Fish on Granville Island - Scallop Sandwich
Last time I had fish and chips on a dock was at Pajo‘s in Steveston. Good quality batter fried fish can be found there, serving a more family oriented clientele also in a scenic part of town, but does not beat Go Fish as the best fish & chips I’ve had.

A great complement to your next stroll around Granville Island.

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Okonomiyaki at the Modern Club

Modern ClubAfter taking a wrong turn out of downtown on my way to Richmond, I decided to change dinner plans and go for okonomiyaki from Modern Club on Dunbar.
Okonomiyaki, like ramen, is a simple dish but can cause food fanatics to spend hours debating who from where makes it best how. We don’t have that kind of enthusiasm for okonomiyaki in Vancouver. Why? Because there really is only one or two places that serve it. Its a culinary hole that’s waiting to be filled. Modern Club to the rescue? Not so much.

Okonomiyaki that contains noodles fall into the ‘modern’-yaki category. At the Modern Club they serve Osaka style tama(regular), modern(with crunchy soba noodles), and postmodern(cute terminology) (with thicker udon noodles) variations. We tried their regular style shrimp, and the modern style squid (ika).
Modern Club - Ika okonomiyaki (modern style)
The portion is on the small side, and though the sauce went well with the crunchy noodles and mayo, its not worth $16. Appetizers are pre-cooked and pulled out of a cooler, and sushi is no better than lunch take outs. It is only worth visiting on Tuesday nights when the special is okonomiyaki for $10.

Its also incredibly easy to make a better version at home. As demonstrated in my favorite youtube cooking show:

I <3 C.W.D.


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