Thanks for visiting! was originally launched as the.caf.sux in April 2007.
The switch in name accompanied a switch in blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress in January 2008.

the.caf.sux was born out of our frustration towards the bland and overpriced food at our workplace’s cafeteria. We were sick of wasting our hard-earned income and precious lunch hour on uninspiring food served in a boring environment. It sucked.

We created this blog to encourage and record our little lunchtime escapes from the workplace cafeteria. We started off only blogging the restaurants within the vicinity of our workplace. To the annoyance of our friends and family who have had to endure countless occurrences of,  “no wait, don’t eat yet, let me take a picture of that first“, we have since decided to blog and share the culinary experiences in, around, and occasionally outside the Vancouver area. Lucky us, there’s plenty worth sharing in Vancouver.

We hope you enjoy this blog!

Who are we?

There are 2 writers behind We (Daniel and Eddie) are both twenty-something techies living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We spend a lot of our time writing software – blogging is a nice escape for us.

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You can reach us at or simply by leaving a comment down below.