Still full from the previous night’s meal and eager to begin my 1st day exploring New York City, I looked for a light breakfast. A few minutes from our hotel, at the foot of the Empire State Building, and on the edge of Koreatown, something caught my eye…

NYC - Papaya Dog

Do you see what I saw?

99¢ breakfast baby!
Papaya Dog, known for their hotdogs, had a “2 Eggs Potatoes & Toast” breakfast for under a buck.

NYC - Papaya Dog

The “chef” was quick with the spatula and surprisingly friendly.
So how was the food?

NYC - Papaya Dog

Not bad. The eggs and bread were fine, but the soggy potatoes were saturated with a strange and spicy seasoning salt. But for 99¢, who am I to complain? I even overlooked the fact that I had nowhere to sit, forcing me to eat standing up on Fifth Avenue.

Not the most glamorous meal but whatever – it’s not like NYC is paved in gold.